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CCTV will broadcast four sets of food safety science propaganda film

One: should prohibit the use of nitrite as a food additive?

By the Chinese Academy of Engineering Sun Baoguo tells a true story: in the eighteenth century British beer festival occurred on the death of more than a dozen people sausage poisoning, the cause of death is Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria produced so far we Know the most toxic of a toxins, 4 grams of pure product can poison 500,000 people, and later found that nitrite inhibited the best effect of this bacteria. So, although the high dose of nitrite is harmful to humans, but if the amount is appropriate, will not cause toxicity, while the more toxic bacteria inhibit, so countries are allowed to eat or meat products inside the addition of nitrite.

Second: overnight vegetables will cause nitrite poisoning?

The program group will spinach and pork after cooking and under different conditions of storage, through the formal body to detect changes in nitrite content. The results are: overnight dishes in 30 degrees above the open environment for 48 hours, nitrite content does have a certain rate of rise, but the final values are within the safe range; if placed in the refrigerator for 48 hours, Nitrate content is growing little. Of course, the experts also suggested that green leafy vegetables in the four hours of cooked nitrite content is not high, so the best to eat the day, try not to eat or eat overnight dishes. If you want to eat dinner and other reasons need to eat overnight dishes, pay attention to the leftovers in a timely manner with plastic wrap, fresh box loaded into the refrigerator to save.

Three: convenience fabric package containing preservatives

Food deterioration is mainly due to the growth of mold, and mold need to reach more than 12% of the water will survive. Convenient food package in the water content is generally below 5%, the mold will not breed breeding, and the ingredients contained in the ingredients also inhibit the growth of mold. So, to facilitate the ingredients of the ingredients package has been decided to have its own anti-corrosion function, there is no need for preservatives.

Four: instant noodles of fried bread to cause cancer?

National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center researcher Zhong Kai pointed out: In cereal products, the more typical potential carcinogens is acrylamide. Acrylamide is produced by high-starch low-protein foods (such as flour, potatoes, etc.) that are cooked at high temperatures. In other words, whether it is fried or non-fried, as long as the high-temperature heating, more or less will produce this material. Acrylamide is long and widespread in long human cooking history, but it is often said that "all things are toxic and critical in terms of dosage", the acrylamide content of instant noodles is far less harmful to health, Cancer is directly related to the scientific is not established. Of course, instant noodles are mainly to provide convenience, not a traditional health food, nutrient composition is much worse than fresh food, from a balanced diet point of view, long-term large number of eating is certainly not worth promoting.

Five: frozen dumplings in the Staphylococcus aureus can cause food poisoning?

The current national standard for frozen noodle rice products is indeed allowed to freeze the dumplings inside the detection of a limited amount of Staphylococcus aureus. In this regard, the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center researcher Liu Xiumei said: Staphylococcus aureus in the air, soil and other natural environment is widespread. But the quick-frozen dumplings cooking method so that the existence of this bacteria can be ignored, because 100 degrees Celsius conditions can be 5 minutes to kill all of them. So, when cooking food, enough temperature and duration is the key to security.

Six: pure hand dumplings than frozen dumplings more at ease?

In today is era of the pursuit of personalized consumer services, handbags dumplings to become businessmen to attract business signs, it is home to live a rare paradise. But is it more handy than quick freezing? The program team will go deep into the field to find out. Formal factory operators every time into the frozen dumplings production workshop to go through the dressing, hand washing, disinfection, air shower and other strict and tedious disinfection procedures, which at home and said side package, hair chaos rejection, casually take the scene is very different. Wrapped dumplings but also through the minus 40 degrees of frozen, prevent the breeding and breeding of bacteria. But it should be noted that the quick-frozen process will certainly cause some loss of nutrition, and once thawed more than a certain period of time, it is easy to degenerate. Hot summer to buy quick-frozen dumplings, we should pay attention to minimize the road time, as soon as possible into the refrigerator to save the frozen layer to see food safety "last mile."

Seven: you do not know the kitchen hazards and security Raiders.

The face of their own kitchen kitchen kitchen, people feel safe and secure, not knowing that this is likely to hide a lot of security risks behind. National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center researcher Xu Jin specifically for ordinary residents of the kitchen wipes, refrigerators and chopping board were sampled. The results showed that the kitchen wipes were the highest because of the relatively humid storage environment, especially for microbial growth. Experts suggest that in addition to timely cleaning, but also to do regular disinfection, can be sterilized by microwave ovens; most people think that the refrigerator is a safe and hygienic storage sites, but the experiment shows that E. coli in 4 degrees Celsius cold conditions can still reproduce. So the regular disinfection of the refrigerator at the same time, but also pay attention to the leftovers before cooking left to do cooking cook thoroughly; cutting board is also the kitchen of the hardest hit, we must pay attention to regular cleaning and raw and cooked separately, often do the exposure treatment, The growth of microbes creates the environment.

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