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Does the preservative-free food be healthier? Not necessarily

"Does not contain preservatives", with these words of food is often more favored by consumers. Can "food without preservatives" be healthier? Chongqing Food Safety Publicity Week launched yesterday, the city by the letter and the Municipal Food Safety Association jointly organized by the forum, the city food safety promotion experts Yang Guang said, "no preservatives" and "health" between the two You can directly draw the equal sign.

Yang said, for example, some food production and processing process, do not need to add preservatives, such as instant noodles after frying and drying, can be used by corrupt microbial water has ceased to exist, even without preservatives will not be corrupt The And such as rice and other food, if not added preservatives, 24 hours after the deterioration, if you must eat processed foods, no preservatives may not be more secure.

He also said that sometimes some of the food marked "preservative-free" is preserved by adding a lot of salt and sugar, and the harm to the human body may exceed the legally added preservatives. Salt and sugar is a natural preservative, can inhibit bacteria, in order to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion, often to salty or sweet a bit uncomfortable degree. Because the salt eat more will induce high blood pressure, and excessive intake of sugar is easy to lead to obesity, induced diabetes and other diseases, so keep the preservatives but also contains a lot of salt or sugar food hazards are also great.

He also said that the real danger of preservatives is: First, some enterprises or individuals with the state does not allow the material to food preservative, such as formaldehyde to aquatic products to prevent corrosion, which is a serious violation; the second is the level of food business management Low or non-compliance with state regulations, excessive use of preservatives, will also give consumers a threat to health.

For everyone concerned about the issue of monosodium glutamate, Yang said that some consumers are very concerned about monosodium glutamate, in the purchase of processed foods are often considered that the food does not contain MSG reliable. But he said, does not contain MSG, does not mean that does not contain sodium glutamate, but does not mean that no artificial ingredients, these are not much worse than the MSG. So those who are allergic to monosodium glutamate, or those who have limited appetite in food should be careful to buy.

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