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Food safety indicators focus on implementation

Recently, in the State Health Commission held a routine press conference, the Secretary for Food Su Zhi introduced, according to the plan, the future of food safety standards and catalogs up to more than 1,000 items. Has been the development of more than 400 new promulgated, and more than 400 into the food safety national standard integration plan, there are 200-300 need to develop new. By the end of 2015, more than 1,000 standards will be basically completed. The next step in the food safety standards through 2014-2015 two years of efforts to make our country food safety standard system framework, the principle and the International Codex standards are basically the same, the main food safety indicators set and control requirements in line with international practice and to adapt to Chinese diet Structure and food industry conditions. China will also develop a number of new edible vegetable oil, honey, food, packaging, drinking water, spices and a number of key national standards for food safety. In addition, in order to facilitate the parties to inquire and use food safety standards, the relevant departments have also developed a food additive standard query software, will be in the near future in the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center and the Health and Life Program website opened.

Just a few days ago, the news just exposed the "smelly feet noodle". In order to avoid affecting the appetite of the reader, the author will not repeat the contents of the. Food safety issues, people are very concerned about, because it relates to the health of thousands of households. Some users ridicule that the Chinese peoples body is not invaded, is a living "chemical periodic table", waste oil, Sudan red, Aspergillus flavus, hanging white block, dichlorvos, clenbuterol, trichlorfon, antibiotics ... ... So that people are included in the body. "Tianlong Ba Bu" there is a star in the strange old Ding Chunqiu, live in todays people, in addition to not power Dafa, all like Ding Chunqiu poisonous and of the. In addition, if excessive use of brighteners, thickeners, flavoring agents, stabilizers, colorants, additives and other food additives, but also adverse effects on human health.

In fact, the human body has a strong self-repair capacity, as long as the intake of toxic and harmful substances are not outrageous children, the basic will not bring great harm to the human body. Afraid of fear, over the years to eat all kinds of excessive food, over time tired of the human bodys ability to withstand the amount of change to qualitative change, the body caused irreversible damage. Therefore, from the national level to develop Kaopu food safety standards, and unremittingly grasp the implementation of the work in the contemporary interests of the future.

The development of standards should be consistent with national conditions, can not blindly with the international standards-not we do not want to convergence, but the current capacity is not reach. To food and drug residues, for example, green food, organic food, pollution-free food standards vary. Now we have the ability to produce green food? very difficult. Soil pollution, especially heavy metals, pesticide overdose use, excessive use of antibiotics, water pollution, air pollution, will bring difficulties to the production of green food. Why include many organs, including the organs, including the establishment of their own agricultural production base, to protect the internal staff of food safety? In the final analysis, it is privileged to think about it, and the more important reason is that the current food safety problem has been very anxious and fear. Realistically speaking, the establishment of food safety GB, not the higher the better, and some international standards is our current production capacity can not be met. And set a can not match but nice to see the national standard, it is better to down to earth, the national standard is divided into different levels, the lower limit is the minimum safety standards, so that it is operational.

More important than the development of standards, is to check the norms of production of qualified products. The face of a large number of wide, involving the country is large and small production enterprises and individual producers. After the standard is determined, according to the standard strict requirements of enterprises engaged in food production and individuals, to reduce the cost of unscrupulous violations of those who are severely punished do not lazy, dare to endanger the health of the masses so that they go bankrupt, Only in this way can we deter the dare to defy the law, to reverse the severe situation of food safety production.

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