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Hunyuan County Jinchang grain Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in May 26, 2009, the company is located in Shanxi Province Hunyuan County Pei Village Xiangxi Village West, a private joint-stock enterprises, legal representative Ma Zhitian, the registered capital of 8 million yuan. Its business scope for the grain acquisition processing and sales. The company covers an area of 10,000 m2, construction area of 5500 square meters, of which 1400 square meters of raw materials, processing workshops 450 square meters, finished products 460 square meters, 360 square meters of office space, veranda 2830 square meters. Now has a new set of miscellaneous grains processing equipment 18 (sets) and a variety of advanced design testing, testing and accurate testing equipment. To ensure that the future processing of products meet the export standards. Company employees 106, of which 19 were in management, production and processing staff of 87 people.

The company always adhere to the "pursuit, discovery, growth" business philosophy, is committed to the direction of the development of modern enterprises, adhere to the "product growth enterprises, from the enterprise base, from the base to promote the industry," the development strategy, and strive to create a " Leading the base, the base with farmers, "the industrial system: to take a variety of effective measures to mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers to grow. Vigorously cultivate raw material base, to ensure that the production of raw materials supply. At the same time, but also to the base farmers have a greater interest in the acquisition of miscellaneous grains miscellaneous beans about 5,000 tons, driven households 2000,so that farmers increase income 16.8 million yuan. The company always adhere to the scientific and technological progress with the strength, development and growth of enterprise productivity. The existing processing equipment, advanced technology, processing workshops for the modernization of the new purification plant, laboratory testing means complete, a variety of rules and regulations sound. For the companys products to the world laid a solid foundation. Production of small grains clean pure, bright color Yan, large grain, no debris, the damage rate is very low, the production of the British red kidney beans, red kidney beans, safflower kidney beans, black kidney beans, mung beans and other small grains, First-class green quality, exported to Europe, Pakistan, India, the Middle East and other countries and regions, praised by customers. In 2015 the company processing and export of small grains of various kidney beans 4,000 tons, to achieve sales of 20 million yuan.

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