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Abuse of food additives will be severely punished

National food safety publicity week China Science and Technology Association theme event held on June 14 in Beijing. The event, according to China Agricultural University Science and Technology Development Research Institute executive vice president Hu Xiaosong introduction, reform and opening up more than 30 years, China is food safety situation is getting better and better. He said that China to the third world economic income level, developed almost to the current European standard, American standard, the standard of the most demanding and severe standard system.

For how to determine whether the producer is safe under the premise of the use of additives, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, food additives expert Sun Baoguo said that the food which used food additives, the amount of use is over the use of whether the use of some illegal additives, need After testing. He said that China has a series of laws and regulations on food additives, regulators have the responsibility to regulate the community, including the media, local testing agencies and consumers also have the responsibility of supervision. The most critical is the food production enterprises to self-discipline, in accordance with national laws and regulations to use the standard food additives. In the event of illegal use or abuse of food additives phenomenon, China is current law must be severely punished.

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