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Children eat "aluminum" mainly comes from puffed food

National Health Committee and other five departments recently issued a document on the use of aluminum-containing food additives to make a major adjustment, from July 1 this year, bread, cake and other side products (fried noodles products, hanging pulp with batter, Frying powder) shall not be added potassium aluminum sulfate and ammonium aluminum sulfate, and puffed food is no longer allowed to use any aluminum food additives. Why do you want to make such adjustments, aluminum food additives in the end on the health of what impact? This morning, the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center held an open day on the theme "Control of health and promote health", which gave a detailed answer to these questions.

Speaking of potassium potassium sulfate and ammonium aluminum sulfate two chemical terms, people may feel confused, but mention alum, many people will feel very familiar with alum is actually potassium aluminum sulfate. According to the assessment center Ma Ning, an associate researcher, aluminum compounds in China is food processing industry has hundreds of years of application history, they are mainly used as surface products leavening agent, jellyfish processing curing agent, food ingredients powder binder and pigment Carrier. High levels of aluminum foods include jellyfish, fried dough sticks, pancakes, vermicelli, twist, steamed bread and so on.

In recent years, the media has repeatedly reported that aluminum-containing food additives may lead to dementia and other diseases, causing public concern. International studies have shown that the normal diet does not cause acute poisoning of aluminum. Although some studies suggest that it is associated with senile dementia, the World Health Organization Joint Committee of Food Additives believes that eating from the food is unlikely to increase the risk of senile dementia. However, in order to protect public health, the World Health Organization Joint Committee of Food Additives formulated the "Temporary Weekly Tolerance" of 2 mg per kg of body weight, which is equivalent to a 60 kg adult Going 120 mg of aluminum does not cause accumulation of aluminum and cause health damage. If consumers eat more than the amount of aluminum is more than this amount, not continue beyond the level, it will not affect health.

The results of the risk assessment show that the consumption of aluminum by our residents is lower than this reference value; however, children under the age of 14 and some consumers who eat more foods with higher levels of aluminum eat more aluminum Of health risks. Which bread, fried dough sticks and noodles and other products are the main source of aluminum, 7 to 14-year-old children eat the aluminum mainly from puffed food. In addition, because the favorite pasta, the northern residents of aluminum intake than the South more than 4 times more.

This revision can greatly reduce the level of dietary aluminum intake in our country. According to preliminary estimates, strict implementation of the new standard, the average intake of aluminum residents in China than the revised decline of 85.6%, only the World Health Organization Joint Committee of Food Additives reference value of 12.92%.

This adjustment "pardon" the fritters, vermicelli, jellyfish and other commonly used alum food, which, experts said, this is also taking into account the traditional Chinese food culture. For example, vermicelli, our ancestors have to eat, but if you do not add aluminum additives, vermicelli no way to make a strip. And jellyfish, if not alum, we can not see what we usually see. Therefore, there is no complete limit to the use of these foods with aluminum additives, but it is recommended that people pay more attention to food consumption.

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