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Although some people have heard about the term "transgenic", many people are less aware of the use of genetically modified raw materials in food. How far is genetically modified food from our life? Yesterday, the reporter visited the central city of several large business super found that we have a lot of genetically modified food, such as soybean oil, soy milk, bean paste, soy sauce ... ... then genetically modified food is safe? How to distinguish it? There is a public appeal, should be mandatory to indicate whether the genetically modified food, so that the masses clearly in vain consumption.


"Turn" and "non-turn" mix and match to sell

"Transgenic" hiding small pyramid

Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the central city of Fortress Street Xinhua supermarket edible oil area, found that edible oil variety, the price is also a lot of difference. Careful review of the annotation of edible oil, it is easy to find some of the oil in the prominent position of the commodity packaging marked "the product is non-genetically modified products" and other words, and some contain "genetically modified" ingredients such as oil and oil in the label or ingredients The table only small words that "processing raw materials for genetically modified soybeans", do not look very easy to overlook.

In the spring show supermarket Park, the reporter found that pure peanut oil, corn oil, sunflower oil and rice oil in a prominent position marked "non-transgenic", and some of the oil and soybean oil in the marked with small print " Raw materials for genetically modified soybeans "," processed raw materials for transgenic rapeseed ".

Most soy sauce is hard to judge

Take a look at soy sauce as the main raw material. There are about 17 kinds of soy sauce brand, only five kinds of marked "non-transgenic", one marked "transgenic", the other only in the raw material table to write "selected soybeans", " Skim soy "and so on, can not see whether it contains genetically modified raw materials. Soy sauce, bean paste and other similar circumstances, even with a different brand of soy sauce, some marked, and some are vague. In the Jiangbin North Road Wal-Mart supermarket, a Qiandao sauce on the ingredients only marked "soybean oil", and not far from a bean paste in the ingredients table clearly marked "non-genetically modified soybeans."

Vegetables and fruits are not clearly marked

In the major supermarkets of fruits and vegetables, from the packaging label can only see the price of vegetables and fruits, weight, production date and other information, as to whether the "genetically modified" can not be seen. In Tesco supermarket, the reporter asked the staff of certain products are "genetically modified food", they said they did not know. Reporters on the Internet search to identify ways to see a little trick - the middle of the label of imported fruit generally have four Arabic numerals: "3" at the beginning of the sprayed pesticides, "4" at the beginning of the genetically modified fruit, "5" at the beginning is Hybrid fruit. Reporters readily picked up an imported red snake fruit and found that the label on the fruit does have four Arabic numerals, and the beginning of the "4", green snake and lemon is also true. In the Parkway supermarket, butter, fruit and other imported fruit label is "4" at the beginning, but plums, grapes and other small fruit is not labeled, it is difficult to judge.

n fact, in addition to soy products, there are soy milk powder, biscuits, milk powder, potato chips, instant noodles and other food in the production process also uses soy and vegetable oil, but very few brands marked whether there are genetically modified ingredients.

Whether the concept of genetically modified food is safe is inconclusive

For the question of the safety of genetically modified foods, after the original CCTV Cui Yongyuan had to their own expense to Japan, the United States conducted four investigations, he found that transgenic safety and commercialization in the US scientific community is still controversial. He found a lot of scientists in the United States questioning transgenes. In the research room, in theory, no one in theory to see whether it may pose a risk to mankind, but when it becomes a technology to use, especially to use to humans, he believes that the laboratory scientists The argument is only one of the many words; because this time many scientists can participate in, such as the environment, soil, medicine and even sociology, ethics experts will be involved, everyone has the right to participate.

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